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Thu, Jun 28, 2018 - Wed, Jul 4, 2018


Bridges as Inspiration for Maths

You don’t feel like doing maths? Then let bridges inspire you to work on new types of maths problems. The Project “Münsterland Bridges & Maths” has already shown how this works. Now the project is going global. In the orangery, photographs of bridges from abroad are exhibited together with the new maths problems developed through them. The project is a combined effort of a team from the WWU Department of Mathematics Education headed by Professor Schukaljow, the WWU Innovation Office (AFO) and twelve other universities on four continents. An international Maths Bridges calender will serve as exhibition catalogue.

Location/meeting point: Orangerie

Fri, Jul 6, 2018 - Sun, Jul 22, 2018


Yesterday – Today

by Eva Schmidtke (texts) and Andrea Ottenjann (paintings)

Art and literature have always liked going hand-in-hand, inspiring, complementing, illustrating and supporting each other. Loss, pain, memories of a past which could be and also is a present. Who does not know how that feels. This exhibition will contain letters to persons who have passed on. And art in the form of pictures and paintings is taking these letters, which are seeking to communicate with many persons, by the hand, thus helping them achieve their very own significance and presence.

Location/meeting point: Orangerie

Sat, Jul 28, 2018 - Sun, Aug 12, 2018


Bettina Dellwig (1959-2016) – a Retrospective

This exhibition is dedicated to the life and work of artist Bettina Dellwig, who died in 2016, aged 57. The painter leaves an extensive and complex oeuvre. Bettina Dellwig’s works depict the female figure as a reduced drawing, usually in segments superimposed on the plain painted background. The eye of the beholder jumps between figure and background – apparently solid, closed forms dissolve into transparent drawing, abstract areas or painted elements abruptly permeate the figure.

Location/meeting point: Orangerie

Sat, Aug 18, 2018 - Sun, Sep 2, 2018


Types of Light – a Dialogue of Photography and Glass Art

Photography by Steffi Herrmann and Chris Tettke, Glass Art by Dr Christine Kucinski

Light and fleeting moments is what connects the works that are presented in this joint exhibition.

Christine Kucinski shows a cross-section of her glasswork. The spectrum of the items exhibited ranges from hand-blown glassware, lights, window hangings and reliefs to abstract sculptures. The photos by Steffi Herrmann and Chris Tettke complement these works through their fragile photographic depictions of dance, transience and aesthetics, captured on camera in the real world and presented after editing as large-format prints on linen or aluminium composite panels.

The vernissage is on Saturday, 18 August, at 11.30.

(Homepage Kunsttraeume)

Location/meeting point: Orangerie

Tue, Sep 25, 2018 - Mon, Oct 8, 2018


Growing, Changing and Being Created...

An exhibition by Sylvia Trau and Sabine Klupsch

...and the changes to living things – these are the topics of the drawings, sculptures and filigree wire objects on display. Thus, the orangery itself becomes a place of creation as the continuous process of coming into existence carries on.

Location/meeting point: Orangerie

Wed, Oct 10, 2018 - Mon, Oct 15, 2018


Like a Tree: the Inspiration of Trees of Life

The origin of humans is two-fold, namely of a heavenly and of a terrestrial nature. Trees reflect this reality as they connect heaven and earth. Perhaps that is why we find them so fascinating. But who has learned how to understand this reality as a promise, an experience and a mandate? In a lengthy process, a number of very old and care-dependent persons have thought about the tree as a symbol of their heavenly and earthly origin.

As much as is possible, the elderly artists, the members of staff from their care homes who have assisted in this project and students from the University of Applied Sciences for Social Work in Münster will be present during the exhibition and will be available to talk about the works.

Location/meeting point: Orangerie

Sat, Oct 20, 2018 - Sun, Nov 4, 2018


Painting Makes Happy

An exhibition by Monika Schiwy

(Homepage Monika Schiwy)

Location/meeting point: Orangerie



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